Jay Smith
University of Oxford, OxfordAll Souls College, OxfordQueen's College Garden, OxfordPunts on the Cherwell, OxfordRamblers on the Isis, OxfordLower Slaughter, CotswoldsDowntown Castle Comb, CotswoldsAblington, CotswoldsBridge Over the Cam, University of CambridgeLlangrannog Winter, Wales
Where would we be without England? England gave the world the English language spoken by hundreds of millions of people, English law which provided the framework of legal systems in other countries, and English government which gave the world a parliamentary system of government adopted by many other nations. The Industrial Revolution began in England, and England's Royal Society provided the nucleus for the beginning of experimental science.

On New Year's Day 1981 my family and I landed at Heathrow Airport in London on our way to Oxford where I was to begin a six month sabbatical at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford. Our two daughters enrolled in English schools and Sandy became an English woman, accent and all. We took time for weekend trips, all arranged by Sandy. All of the images in this folder were captured during those fabulous six months.